Hoover Dam

On the way back home from Flagstaff Arizona, the boy and I decided to play our luck one more time and stop in Vegas again.  This time that included visiting the Hoover Dam.  I had never seen it before, except in movies of course, but I was surprised at just how huge it really is and how deep it goes.  
I also liked the whole, being in two places at once by standing on the AZ and NV state line in the middle of the Dam.  Yeah, I’m a nerd. 
It’s an interesting place though. In a weird way it was very artistic and beautiful, while being so industrial.  Quite the site to see! 

This family was posing below the sign for so long, I had no choice but to include them in my pic

this sign is in honor of all the people who died while building the dam and we just thought it was a bit strange that essentially the guy in the plaque is sort of shrugging…We’re horrible, I know.

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