First Trip to Monument Valley

The third stop on our anniversary road trip was the Majestic Monument Valley.  We didn’t have a lot of time, as we had to drive all the way from Flagstaff and back before sundown.  But we saw some beautiful countryside on the way and the sight of those incredible rock formations was definitely worth the trip.
I think the most amazing thing about Monument Valley was how silent it was, and how bright the color of the red dirt looks, and how the monuments appeared so perfectly crafted, like they had been sculpted by a brilliant artist.  It was an incredible sight to see.

Of course we did almost destroy our rental car while trying to drive the dirt road around the monuments…Not the best place to drive a mustang convertible!  However we did get stopped by some French tourists wanting to take a picture of our car in front of the monuments – Classic America!  I kinda wish I could get a copy.

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