I Made this Monday: Christmas Yarn Trees

Want to create your own magical Yarn Tree Forest?  No?  Well you should, and that’s precisely what I did.  I promise it’s fun!

I saw a picture of one of these trees online and I thought the project looked so lovely and simple I just had to try it for myself.  I am happy to report that it was just as easy and fun to make as I anticipated.  And I was thrilled with the finished results of my first set of trees.  So much so that I decided to make 3 more sets of 3 to give to my family on Thanksgiving….Kind of like a thank you to my mom and her sisters for never actually making me cook!
You will need – Yarn (in a color and in white, the fatter the thread the better)
                          Foam Trees
                          Sewing pins
                          Assorted sizes and colors of gem and pearl scrapbook embellishments
                          Glue gun
                          Pretty ribbon for a bow
                          White felt

Take your basic foam tree forms (aka cones) which you can find at most craft stores.  I got two different sizes from Michael’s.
Then simply pin the end of your color yarn to the bottom of the cone and start wrapping, vertically first to cover the top of the tree then start winding horizontally from bottom to top and back again.  Wrap it completely so none of the form shows through.  Secure on the bottom with another pin and cut the yarn. 

Do the same with your white yarn, but only wrap horizontally and don’t wrap as tight…This is supposed to look like snow on the boughs of your trees.

Next attach your gems and embellishments to the tree in a random pattern.  Be sure to arrange the colors and shapes in various ways to add some diversity and sparkle.  I just decorated one side of the tree.  Some embellishments will stick just with the glue included, but you may want to glue them down with your glue gun for extra staying power.
Then tie your ribbon in a pretty boy and use a similar colored pin to stick the bow on top of your tallest tree.  Trim the tails to your liking. 

Finally, trace the bottom of your trees onto your white felt.  Cut out the circles and glue to the bottom of your trees with your glue  gun.  This not only finishes off the tree and hides the bottom of the foam form, it also conceals all the pins. 

To display, I placed my trees on a piece of sparkly white foam paper which I cut in a scalloped circle to look like freshly fallen snow.  Magical. 

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