Sonnets and Such

he’s great at writing and reciting….you can tell I’m impressed!  Photo by Erin Hearts Court
When the boy and I were courtin’, he would often dazzle me with his brilliance and adoration by writing sonnets for me, about me and just how great I am.  Needless to say, these sonnets pleased me very much.  But life after marriage seems to leave less time for sonnets and more time for squabbling over really important things like whether we should watch the Daily Show or the Colbert Report during dinner.  Oh the drama!  
But then, when the boy came home to find me watching Gossip Girl last night (yeah that’s right, I am totally hooked on GG) he felt inspired for the first time in years to write a sonnet for me….Although, the subject matter is not what I’d call romantic, I still love his iambic pentametric skillzzz!  Here it is for your reading pleasure.  

I come home sometimes to the dulcet tones
Of Beautiful people muttering somethings,
Tramping Park Avenue talking to cellphones,
Oh, yes, Gossip Girl – Tis of thee I sing.
Why will these rich people not raise their voices?
They speak in these imaginary libraries,
Not that they could imagine such places,
Having only read each other’s diaries.
I picture them now picketing Wall Street,
Thinking that picketing’s just the new yellow,
If their assholes fell off, they wouldn’t miss a beat,
If they opened their minds, the earth it would swallow.
Twixt me and deez bitches, love lost: Zero.
Turning the TV off – XO XO.

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