First Trip to the Graham Canyon!

That’s what the Rug Rats call the Grand Canyon, in case you didn’t get my reference.  
And yes.  Just two weeks ago, I made my very first trip to the breath-taking canyon and well…I don’t think there is anything I can write that will do it justice.  It was grand.  It was really deep (I was actually a bit afraid) and it was beautiful.  I feel so fortunate that I could be there with the boy and I feel so lucky that he drives me to places like that, forcing me to see the America I so often take for granted.  It was a special day.  

2 thoughts on “First Trip to the Graham Canyon!

  1. it certainly is the most breath-taking canyon! it almost looks fake its so beautiful. i love that sign with the person on all 4s puking lol. and what a friendly little squirrel!


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