Paso Part Trois: Our Favorite Wineries

When the boy and I went to Paso Robles the day after our wedding, we didn’t know anything about wine tasting and we didn’t know what to expect or where to go.  We started out at a big winery on a huge, impersonal estate, where the wine wasn’t that great and neither were the prices.  
We soon began to discover some of the smaller vineyards and tasting rooms, away from the beaten track and out further along the highway and we quickly realized that these were the places to hit.  We stumbled upon some of the friendliest winemakers, the most inviting tasting rooms and the best glasses of wine we ever tasted.  These wineries have since come to hold quite a bit of sentimentality for us and anytime we taste their wine we are instantly transported to those wonderful memories of our honeymoon.  
So when we made the trip back up to paso robles this past September with my parents we had to take them to two of our absolute favorite wineries from our honeymoon: Peachy Canyon and 4 Vines (which is now called Cypher.)  
Peachy Canyon is so cute and country chic.  They have a Viognier that is sheer heaven. (They also have a cat!)
Whereas the Cypher Winery boasts bottles with some major bite.  Their well known blend Anarchy is “a wine that will change the world,” according to James May and their other offerings, with fun names like Heretic and Loco are just as fun and flavorful.  (They also have a dog!) We actually signed up for their wine club on the way out; what can I say?  We love Paso Robles wines!

2 thoughts on “Paso Part Trois: Our Favorite Wineries

  1. Love this post! Eric and I have done Napa, Sonoma, Santa Ynez, and Temecula, but we have never done the Paso wineries. We have stayed in Paso and tased some of the local varietals from some of the boutiques, but we did not venture out to the wineries. This we will have to do! We will be sure to take your suggestions! -Kel


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