Firsts (and a giveaway opportunity)

Since yesterday was the 1st of November, it got me thinking about firsts.  Life is full of firsts-  first days, first kisses, first apartments, first dates.  But as we get older, the firsts start to fade.  Experience sets in and that can be comfortable, but not as exciting. 
So with this new month, I am setting myself a new theme—Firsts.   This month I will be trying out new foods, new styles, new past times and new projects, all for the first time.  I’ll also share some of the recent big firsts I’ve experienced as well as some firsts from my past of which I’m rather fond. 
But firstly, I’d like to kick off this month with a festive giveaway and I need some prizes.  If you have a giveaway item you’d like to throw into the mix, send me an email and let me know.  I’d like to host my first collaborative giveaway on this here blog and I can’t do that without your help!  Hope to hear from you soon!

One thought on “Firsts (and a giveaway opportunity)

  1. Heather, I absolutely love your idea here! Reminiscing about firsts is a very warm and yet melancholy undertaking. Like you, I have so many first experiences that I look back on so fondly. Those firsts were so magical! But as I grow older I am a bit glum because like you mentioned, opportunities for firsts are growing fewer and far between. Like for instance, having my first baby! There will never be another moment like that in my life time. Words cannot even describe the sheer bliss and the raw emotional joy that I felt when he first emerged into this world. Or for example, when Eric and I first started dating. I can remember the intensity of those first feelings! They were other worldly! Thinking about these things makes me feel so blessed and happy, but also a bit sad. At times I cannot believe that these moments are just memories and that I don't have them to look forward to anymore. But how nice of you to take time to get them down in writing, while you still have these memories fresh in your head. What a neat idea! I look forward to re-living these moments with you as you write about them this month! -Kel


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