Costumes in My Closet

So I originally planned to split these posts up and scatter them throughout the month of October when…what the?  Can you believe it?  October is finished!  And tonight the Great Pumpkin is already on his way!  So I figured I better get going and do one final “Costumes in my Closet” post for the big day.  In case you are new to this post series, the deal is I am going to share how I can make Halloween costumes from items in my closet and maybe only a few little extra accessories.  I’ve always been kinda a home-made costume kind of girl as I tend to find that store bought costumes are either  really expensive or  really slutty (the women’s ones anyway.)
So here are 3 more costumes all made from items I already had in my closet.  Please excuse the weird exposure…The lighting was strange in our apartment tonight.
Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of OZ

dress: Tulle    shoes: H&M   shoe clips: handmade by me
Holly Golightly
dress: Gap    necklace: Anthropologie
A Hitchcock Heroine 
dress: vintage 
And there you have it.  3 more easy and improvised costumes from my very own closet.  Did you dress up today?  Any from items you already had in your closet?  
Hope you are having a happy, safe and haunted Halloween!

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