Mary Blair

Happy Saturday Loves!  Hope the day finds you well.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from one of my favorite artists, Mary Blair.
Mary is best known for her work with Disney.  As she was the concept artist on several of the early films, such as Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and The Three Caballeros.  She also gave “It’s a Small World” its distinctive look at Disneyland and her work can be seen throughout all the Disney parks.  I suppose I can’t help it– I am a total Disney kid and as such I love exploring all aspects of the company.  But Mary Blair’s artwork is also so distinctive, retro and delightful, I am a fan with or without the recognizable characters.  She did so many paintings, this is just a small sample.

3 thoughts on “Mary Blair

  1. So gorgeous!!! I have a bit of a dark side and that first picture, just… Swoon! I also love Alice. <3

    Also “It's a Small World” is my MILs FAVORITE Disney ride!!! ^_^


  2. Woah — I was completely oblivious to her being behind such awesome (and well known) art/concepts! I totally remember the little short of the skaters 🙂 So cute. And Alice? Love it!


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