Costumes in my Closet: Witchy Witch

Every Halloween I tend to create my very own costumes from items I already have in my closet.  Because lets face it, I can’t really sew something from scratch and most store-bought costumes for adult women are usually pretty slutty.  So this is a special feature I will be sharing this month– Costumes in my Closet!  In this feature I’ll be sharing ideas for creating costumes just with clothing I already own and a minimal amount of additional accessories.  The goal?  Put together simple, clever costumes without spending more than a few bucks.  

For my first costume, I chose something really simple: A Witch.  For this all I had to buy was a hat- $3 at Target. 

I used an old black dress that I’ve had for ages, some purple tights (also purchased at Target, but not for this purpose) and some fun mary-janes.

Put it altogether and Presto!  I have a cheapest, simplest, fastest, home-made witch costume on the planet! 

I’ll be sharing a few other quick costumes in my closet in the weeks to come so stay tuned! 

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