Top 5 Halloween Costumes by Lily!

I am so happy that the lovely Lily from the blog Just Because by LeeLee was kind enough to write a special Halloweenie Guest Post for me!  Enjoy!

Hey!  I love Halloween!!!!! 

My name is Lily btw, and I blog over at Just Because– but this special day, I am posting on Heather’s blog.. yeah! ^^ so anyway.. any excuse is awesome to dress up! so at least once a year we go out as a special character and party all night long.. 😛 

I love seeing silly costumes. My last 5 Halloweens have been in Miami, FL, so I usually go to South Beach (Lincoln Rd) where there’s tons of people walking and admiring other people’s costumes before the party- you see crazy costumes!

There are not a lot of variety of costumes out there, luckily I know how to sew. Two years ago, I was at a party dressed as what I liked to call “The REAL Snow White” made by me- and two other girls were there dressed as the naughty-version of snow white – it was funny- we took a picture together. 😛

I would like to share with you today, some of my favorite costumes – 
Top 5 Favorite Halloween Costumes! 

1. Rainbow Bright and Sidekick Twink

2. Pixels

3. Terrance and Phillip and Lego people


4. Alice in Wonderland


5. Real Life Lichtenstein Comic Girl

I can’t wait for Halloween!! 🙂

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