Rock Star Pigtails Hair Tutorial

I must admit, I saw a very cute lady sportin’ this hair-do and I thought “that’s cool, I want to look cool like that,” and that’s how I got the idea.

Get the look yourself by following these simple steps:

1. Part hair into 2 sides, leaving a small portion in front

2.  Pull the 2 sides up into 2 high ponytails not quite pulling the hair all the way through so you are left with 2 loops

3.  Pin the hair in the loops around the hair bands to create fun and messy little buns

4.  Pull back the hair you left in front, tease slightly and pin straight back.  Any remaining tail can be separated and pinned into the buns

There you have it!  I fun hair style taking the best of both Helena Bonham Carter and Baby Spice and making some Rockstar Pigtails!

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