More Halloween Decorations!

Here’s more of a peak at my current in-house decorations….

These coasters hold cocktail napkins and I can change the napkins with the seasons, holidays or just my mood!  They really come in handy. 

Pumpkins and more pumpkins!

A spooky sign…

And a flowery wreath!

3 thoughts on “More Halloween Decorations!

  1. where did you get those coasters? my grandmother had some and i always thought they were genius. i must have them.
    i too am working on my seasonal decoration collection, because it's seems i have either christmas, or not christmas. i have been hankering for a fall wreath but the nice ones i find are always around 40 to 50 bucks. like the ones i found yesterday at pier1. perhaps i will see if i can find any on clearance as we get closer to christmas. i did get some adorable sparkle bat ornaments. just to hand from the cupboard doorknobs in the kitchen for now. where did you get your fall flower wreath?


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