Fall Felt and Flowers

There’s a strange, inexplicable connection in my mind with Fall and felt…It just always seems like the fabric of the season and I guess I’ll never really be able to explain why.  But with that in mind, here are a couple of felt-y how-to’s for you to “fall” in love with!  😉

First, the fall sweater:

Since the cooler weather calls for some cover-ups, spice up a plain cardigan with some easy felt leaves. Simply cut out the leaves in the colors you prefer (I went for warm, autumnal shades.)

Figure out the pattern you want and glue your leaves down to the sweater with liquid stitch glue.  It can be found at most craft supply stores.

Then use embroidery floss to make a few stitches for the leaves spines.  This will add definition and ensure your felt foliage stays put.  And there you have it!  A festive sweater in no time at all!

 Next I want to share the simplest how-to for making felt flowers.  These little buds are a cinch to make and look great in hair accessories, as clothing embellishments and on a festive yarn wreath like this one:

Make your very own by finding a small piece of felt and cut into a circle.

Cut your circle into a spiral, leaving a round bit at the end and not being too precious with the size of the spirals…some variation actually makes for a more realistic-looking flower.

Roll the spiral up into a tight bud, finishing off with gluing the round bit under the flower to keep it altogether and supported.

There you have it–flowers, leaves and plenty of felt fall fun! 

Happy Crafting!

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