Playclothes Vintage Shop!

I don’t mind too much when vintage stores are just big warehouses packed to the brim with racks of clothes.  I mean, it makes for more of a challenge and the overall shopping experience is perhaps not quite as enjoyable…But I’ll still shop in those kind of stores.  
Having said that, I much more prefer to shop in stores like the incredible Playclothes Vintage!  This delightful shop is full with amazing finds from all decades, clothes, decor, chatskies, you name it– Play Clothes has it all.  But it is also so beautifully laid out, so cleverly decorated, one can’t help but feel they walked into a vintage dream closet.  
The boy and I visited this Burbank gem a few Saturdays ago and I have since learned that it’s a regular hot spot for costume stylists on Mad Men and other period piece designers looking for costumes to grace both the big and small screens.  Does it get any better than that?  Oh yeah, it does…

The prices on all the clothes were incredible fair.  Even though I was being good and didn’t purchase anything, there was plenty there that caught my eye as being both unique and lovely, and marked at the right price.  All in all, it’s work the trek into Burbank and then some! 

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