quick update!

For the past 10 days, the boy and I have had a couple British house guests staying with us.  We had the best time hanging out with them and taking them to all our favorite places in Los Angeles.   They in turn were fabulous house guests, providing us with tickets to Disneyland AND a Dodger game (they both work for ESPN.) 
We had several fun adventures with them and I’m eager to share them with you, but first I just have to let you know that my typing isn’t quite up to speed because of this…

I dropped a glass in the sink and cut my hand.  5 stitches later and my left hand is kinda out of commission, at least for the next 8 days.  So I may have to stick to more visual posts for the next week….I’ll keep you posted!

One thought on “quick update!

  1. Oh my goodness, what lovely house guests! Disneyland? I am so jealous. I've never been!!!

    Oh, your poor hand! 😦 My sister had the same exact thing happen quite a few years back. I hope you heal up soon and feel better than ever!


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