Survival Tips for the Anti-Camper

You see, I am not much of a camper-girl.  I’m more akin to the Troop Beverly Hills style of being a wilderness girl: I prefer camp-outs in 5 star hotels and my survival skills pretty much end at knowing how to make a s’more.  But the truth is I really really want to be a better camper– I want to be comfy around the campfire and maybe even learn how to build one!  But that’s not going to happen overnight; I know I’m going to need to just get used to camping before I can say I’m an expert.  
So on my next camping trip, here are a few tips I’m going to follow and maybe this will help all you fellow novice campers survive “roughing it.”

Put your hair up.  You will be happier, cooler and less impervious to feeling all the dirt and bugs if your hair is out of your eyes and off your neck.  French braids are always a good option, but if you’re not that dexterous, a secure updo is always a good way to go. 

Focus on the S’mores.  Make that a reward that comes with the camping.  If you’re a happy camper you get a s’more– Self-bribery can be an awesome motivator. 

Make a Scavenger Hunt and take pictures of all those items on that list.  If you’re looking at your camping trip from a photographer’s prospective, you are more likely to notice all the beauty around you and hopefully forget about all the bugs.  (Can you tell I don’t like bugs?)
Bring a star chart and learn a bit about astronomy at night.  Again, it will hopefully take your mind off the fact that you are sleeping in the great outdoors and the stars are just plain pretty.

Bring toilet paper.
And if all else fails, cuddling close to a camping buddy, maybe with a beer in hand, can also help to make camping a bit more tolerable! 
With these tips I’m sure I’m going to  be a much happier camper!  Hope they help you enjoy the great outdoors!  And for all you seasoned campers– Just know you have my highest respect!

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