Fall Crush

Aren’t you glad we have seasons?  I find that just before each season is about to begin, I get really excited about the things that season brings.  And I am not really referring to weather changes, cause we don’t really get that here in Southern California.  I’m talking about the change in foods, the upcoming events and holidays, and of course, the change in clothing style. 
Of all the seasons I personally love Autumnal style clothing the best.  I think it looks the smartest, tends to be the coziest and usually comes in the best warm colors that seem to look good on everyone.  I tend to dress more collegial during this time of year, I guess it’s the whole ‘back to school’ thing.  I like to pretend I’m living in Salem as I wear my tweed skirts, tights, loafers and sweaters walking down the block.  And coats…I like coats!  Coats and costumes (another product of the season) with Halloween being just one more benefit of this time of year. 

This year, I intend to wear a lot of skirts, dresses and tights.  Here are a few items I am currently crushing on…

 If I had my way, I would totally buy the third dress and the forest green booties and wear them both with a cute pair of black tights!   All items from Modcloth.

One thought on “Fall Crush

  1. All of those dresses have super cute collars! It's Spring here is Aus now… so I'm starting to say goodbye to all the warm reds and browns I purchased in Autumn and looking forward to bringing out the fresh florals xo


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