Moon full of Honey

Because we couldn’t leave the good ole’ US of A right after we were married, we knew we had to keep our honeymoon domestic.  And while we could have been traditional and gone to Hawaii or Niagara Falls, we decided that we’d have much more fun if we rented a car and went on a road trip up through California’s gorgeous wine country. 
Our honeymoon was, without a doubt, the best trip of my life.  You know how you wish life should be?  Well that was this road trip!  Everything was perfect!
The boy also had the idea to make it a memorable time in our lives through the scents and tastes of the wine we drank and the sounds that we listened to in the car.  We bought all new CD’s so that anytime we heard one of the songs later in life, it would make us think of that trip and nothing else.  (One of these albums was Born to Run and maybe that is why I love it so much!)  And there are certain wines that I just take one taste and I feel like I’m back in the Sonoma Valley sunshine, picnicking with the boy outside a vineyard, or back on the porch of our Mendocino B & B.  It’s so nice to have those sense-memories tied up with such a happy time in our lives.  
The overall trip was Paso Robles, to Carmel, to Napa, to Menocino, to Santa Cruz, to Santa Barbara and then back home.  We stayed in bed & breakfasts the whole way and I’d love to do it all again someday! 

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