the proposal…

So the boy’s proposal basically happened in 2 parts.  It was during a summertime visit.  He was working in London, I was working and living here in LA.  He had come out for a 10 day visit and it was lovely.  We went out, we stayed in, we spent every possible moment together.  I know most couples do that anyway, but trust me, when you have been in a long distance relationship for nearly 3 years, you definitely don’t take “together time” for granted. 
It was a Sunday in July.  We had plans to go out in Beverly Hills, visit Greystone Mansion and finish the day off at our old stomping ground – the UCLA campus.  As we were getting ready for the day I remember saying to him “just tell me that you’re not going to propose this trip, so I can stop expecting it.”  What a snot, huh?

Anyway, little did I know he had gone down to the Los Angeles Diamond District and already bought the ring!  But we went about our day and had a lovely time, ending up on the grassy hill where we used to meet each other between classes and read poetry and Shakespeare at UCLA.  The bell in the clock tower of Powell Library struck 2pm and the boy told me how very much he loved me.  We watched the sunset and he told me very seriously that he wanted to marry me…I told him he had to ask my Dad about that.  I didn’t think he was serious.
A few days later, I was back at work and not expecting anything.  A dozen red roses arrived for me, with a note from the boy saying he wanted to take me out after work.  I was on cloud nine!  I had never gotten flowers at work and it made me feel incredibly special.  After I finished work, we drove up Mullholland drive to the Hollywood Bowl overlook.  You can see the whole city from up there and as the sun is going down it’s incredibly beautiful.  
There, above all of Hollywood, the boy got down on one knee and proposed.  He had gotten my Dad’s permission and he presented me with the most beautiful ring in the world.  And obviously, I said yes!  
Ever since that evening, I have felt complete, and special and blessed!  The boy made me feel like a princess in a fairy tale!  I am so lucky to have the boy in my life and everything that happened since that day has been special because we’ve been together. 

*All Photos by Erin Hearts Court

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