Color your Hair with Crayola!

This little diy is a nod to my Jr. High School Days.  My friends and I would use this technique to color our hair crazy colors without the cost of a trip to the salon and, more importantly, without driving our mother’s crazy.  You see this technique provides one with punk-rock streaks of color with absolutely no permanence.  Perfect!  
I used to do this while I was bored in science class…Note that this will only work on lighter shades if hair. 

First pick your favorite color of washable crayola marker.

Take a strand of hair and simply start coloring.  It helps to put your head down on a piece of paper and then that provides a place to “draw” on under your hair. 

Voila, you look so punk!  Let your strand dry and repeat with as many colors as you like.  All will wash out in the shower so enjoy it while you can! 

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