The Help

Hello!  Just wanted to pop by to share a few things with y’all.  Firstly, I hope you’re still enjoying the August break.  I can hardly believe we are already to August 18th!  Crazy!  Secondly, I have to share how sometimes, my good ole’ headband curls technique doesn’t always turn out so great.  Exhibit A:  I have totally crazy hair today!

Also, I just had to share that the boy and I saw The Help the other night and it was so so so good!  You simply must go and see it!  It made me desperate to read the book too.  So that’s got to be added to the list!  I am such a pathetic reader.  It takes me FOREVER to get through even the simplest of books.  But I am trying to rectify that now.  Back in college I was able to read 5 novels a week, so I know I can do it, I’m just out of practice.  Right now I’m reading the first Hunger Games book.  Yep, I caved after getting significant pressure from every woman I know; “What? You haven’t read it? You’re life isn’t complete!”  Etc, etc.

Besides the incredible story, wonderful characters and amazing performances in The Help, the one other aspect I adored was the beautiful costumes.  They were stunning to look at; I loved them all.  There were some amazing “Betty-Draper-Type” dresses in there, but I also liked Skeeters smart fitted skirts and blouses.  Oh and there were some awesome cat-eyed glasses too.  I want some cat-eyed glasses! 

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