Ok, so I know I’m supposed to be taking “the august break” but I had to share the lovely day I had with the boy yesterday.  It started with a very special lunch in which we did some research for a new project we’re starting (more on that later!)  Then we went and saw Miranda July’s new film The Future

I’ve been a big fan of Miranda July since Me & You & Everyone We Know, so I was excited about this new film.  Overall, I thought it was really pretty good, it started very well– really funny and engaging–but then kind of lagged and faded away in the end.  Like it almost lost it’s momentum, and changed it’s focus.  But it still brings up some interesting themes and ideas about the ways we think about time, commitments and well, the future. 

When we came home, I proceeded to make my very own bed-sheet-fort, complete with fluffy pillows and twinkle lights!  The boy and I hid out in the fort for the rest of the evening, eating cookies and watching The Wonder Years, and Hard Days Night.  It was the perfect evening! 

2 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Is this the one where they are going to adopt the cat?
    That trailer upset me so greatly because all I could think of was “this is all great but what about that poor cat omg the cat.”


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