Right now I am going through some big changes at work and among them I’m moving from the front desk to my very own glamorous cubicle!  Hooray!  I feel a bit nerdy, but I kinda want to decorate it like Elle Woods does in Legally Blonde 2.  Have you seen that scene?  

This is what it looks like now…

Not all that fancy.  But seriously, I’d love to get your input.  Do any of you decorate your workspace in any way?  Link me pictures if you do!  

Have a wonderful Thursday!

One thought on “Thursday

  1. Aww, I described my work place in detail earlier but it didn't save. boo!

    In short (ish), I work in an office with about twelve others from my research group and I sit at the first desk one sees as they walk into the office. So I keep my desk tidy and semi-professional looking, while still a bit fun!

    I have a handmade penholder, an aloe vera plant, a framed photo from my family Christmas in Australia, a photo collage from my semi-solo trip to Australia and some little trinkets. I've stuck up some small cute posters too!

    I also change my computer desktop background regularly, so it's always something new to look at!

    Just a few ideas for you!! (:


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