Hey Jealousy

Lately, I have been feeling kinda jealous. And it’s an emotion that I never want to feel.  Well, I suppose no one does.  But in this blog world, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with things that other people have and I sometimes feel those negative thoughts seeping into my brain.  
Seeing bloggers who seem to have a lot more time for crafting and blogging makes me jealous.  I envy them their time and their discipline to be productive in their free time when they just as easily could have vegged out and watched The Colbert Report (something I usually do.)  I was recently told that I take this blog more seriously than I should, and I suppose I do.  But I love blogging and I want to give Lilac and Lace more attention.  Is that a bad thing?  Well, I’m jealous of these ladies who can give their blogs lots of love and attention.  And I am jealous of their conviction in knowing it’s a worthy use of their time.   I wonder if I’m a worthy blogger or just a wannabe.

I mean, there are other things to be jealous about that are more transparent, like cute clothes, adorable homes and successful indie businesses.  But I am usually more bothered by the fact that I want to live the indie-blogger lifestyle and I just don’t have enough time.  
I’m sure I am going to read this post back and feel totally silly for writing it.  I mean, I’m jealous of strangers’ free time?  What?  But I’d just like to clarify that in the moment, this all made sense.  I know jealousy is dangerous and it can destroy a persons well-being (just look at poor Othello!)  So I’m not holding on to these feelings, but I want to know how you feel.  I think it’s important not to completely deny feelings of jealousy, but acknowledge them and then move on.  So if you want to share what makes you jealous, comment below or post about it and send me the link.  Let’s all get over our jealous ways together, deal?

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