Dressing like a Grown-up

Yes, I tend to gravitate towards frilly dresses and peter-pan collars.  I want to own a pair of saddle shoes and cultivate a kind of “alice in wonderland” look most of the time (more about that later.)  But I’ve recently been promoted at my job, which also accounts for why I’ve been so busy and generally pooped when I get home with no energy to even open my laptop, let alone blog.  And with this promotion I feel a new twinge of maturity and a dab of pressure to actually dress a bit more like a grown up. 
You know what I mean, that sophisticated, stylish, working-girl look?  Well I’ve never been able to pull that off.  Perhaps I’m just self conscious, but I always feel like I’m playing dress up and trying just a bit too hard to look grown-up. But here are my most recent best attempts….

I bought both these “looks” on sale at an adorable boutique in Santa Monica called Clever.  You must go check it out if you’re in the area.  They have amazing dresses at killer prices…especially for that area.  And the charm bracelet is a very special gift from my Nana.  She had it next to her bed and had written my name on one of the charms; it means so much that she gave it to me and it is really quite stylish don’t you think?  

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