Renegade Roundup

Can I just say how much I loved going to the Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend?  It was such a blast and totally the perfect end to a crazy weekend.  After strolling the booths and sipping a few brewskies, I came away with two adorable prints from Nan Lawson Illustration.  A super cute fox print from Sass & Peril (which I’ve had my eye on for ages) and two fun tops from Stella Neptune.  Even the boy came away with some corn socks…I sadly can’t remember that vendors’ name!  If you know it, please comment and let me know.  

I also had the esteemed pleasure of actually meeting Jenny from Sublime Stitching, Christine Haynes, Author of Chic and Simple Sewing and Dani from Oh, Hello Friend.  It was like meeting celebrities, I feel so honored to have gotten to chat, even for a moment, with these amazing women who inspire me everyday with their crafts and blogs!  
Naturally, there were a bunch of vendors who I couldn’t buy from this past Sunday, because, well…I have to spread some of the spending out, but I still came away with all of my favorite vendors business cards.  And man, do I have a lot of cards!  I am so excited to go through them all and visit each one’s online store and maybe get to know them a bit better through their blogs.  I just love the handmade community, don’t you?  If you were at Renegade this weekend and want to do a Roundup, please leave your link in the comments section, I’d love to see how you made out!   

One thought on “Renegade Roundup

  1. I love this socks. Sounds like a lovely day.

    You might like to know that me and Katie were at Latitude Festival in Suffolk this weekend and we saw Adam Buxton reading out his YouTube comments at the Comedy Tent – they were different to the video you posted but still sooo funny. It made Katie cry with laughter.

    Hope your ok xx


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