Free Trade Sponsorship

Ok, so the whole sponsor thing seems to be a hot button topic of late.  Let me just start out by saying that I appreciate everything that my sponsorships have done for me.  I’ve sponsored a few blogs lately and I feel that it has only been a good thing.  I’ve gotten great exposure, the chance to write for some stellar blogs and I’ve made a few new blogging buddies as well.  However, a lot (not all, but a lot) of sponsorships have gotten kind of expensive and involved lately and in my case, I think it’s time to take a break. 
But I still like the idea of supporting other bloggers, spreading the word about new (and old, but maybe unknown) blogs.  So here’s my official call for a July Sponsor Button Trade.  
How does it work? Easy.  You sponsor me and I’ll sponsor you.  I’ll put your blog or shop button on my sidebar and you put my blog or shop button on yours.  You can participate in a monthly giveaway and you can do a guest post if you like.  I will do one post during the month introducing all my “sponsors,” but all of this will be 100% totally and completely free.  Interested?  You should be, it’s a steal!  
We’ll see if anyone responds, but at the risk of sounding desperate and pathetic, I really hope you do!  I’d like to keep this blogging community a friendly, helpful and supportive one and what better way to do that then to sponsor one another?  If you agree email me.  Go on.  It can’t hurt!  
xoxo ~Gidget

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