My Dad and Me
Today the boy and I are celebrating Father’s Day with my Dad.  It’s so nice to be with him and celebrate this special day with him, especially in light of recent events.  Three days ago my grandmother passed away (my Dad’s mom.)  It was her time and it was natural.  She passed from the comfort of her bed.  But even though I know it was her time to go, I still feel sad.  I still miss her.  Her husband (my grandpa) passed away this past November and I have been missing him ever since.  I know they’re together now in a better place without all the pain and frustration that comes with old age.  But it’s still hard to say goodbye.
But on this father’s day, I’m also missing my Father-in-law, who passed unexpectedly earlier this year.  He was an exceptional person, friend and father and I think about him everyday.  It’s hard to feel such loss and I’m still learning how to cope with it all–how to carry around the feelings of frustration and sadness that are fixed in my heart.  But I feel so fortunate to have the family I’ve been blessed with and to have married into a family that also feels so much like my very own.  I know how lucky I am and for that, I’m incredibly grateful. 
I love my Dad.  Dad’s are great.  I know that one day the boy will be a wonderful dad—After all, he learned from the best!  I suppose that’s all I can say on the matter….Hope you enjoy your Father’s Day!
Dad, Popa and Eugene~  Here’s to you! 

One thought on “Fathers

  1. That is such a cute picture of you and dad. Thank you for the kind words about Nana, I know she is happy to be with John. Dad reminded me that they would have celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary next week. I am sure Nana wanted to be with John and not alone. Love you !


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