Picnic in the Park

 These days there is nothing I enjoy more than a picnic in the park.  The boy and I pilgrimmaged to Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades this past weekend for a relaxing lunch alfresco!  It was so nice–the birds were chirping, the kids were laughing, the horses were circling and really it was such a beautiful place to spend a Sunday afternoon.  

Here were the ingredients for our perfect picnic in case you get the urge to go on one yourself and want to copy us:
Guilloteau florette fromage d’afinois
boars head pepper turkey
Oxnard strawberries
Artisan French bread
Californian pistachios (unsalted)
Food should taste good multigrain tortilla chips
Pliny the elder from Russian river valley brewing co
Wallace Zinfandel 2006

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