Hello spare time, meet Hello Giggles

If you haven’t been over to check out the new site Hello Giggles (a collection of blog posts, videos, and images especially made for women) I suggest you check it out now.  But be careful cause hours will slip by like minutes as you peruse the oodles of articles and topics featured.  To give you a bit of background, the site was founded by actress/musician Zooey Deschanel, producer Sophia Rossi and writer/Internet Sensation Molly McAleer.  (I wish I was an “internet sensation.” Can I just start introducing myself that way?)

So far I am loving everything by Almie Rose.  Her Betty Draper impersonation is hilarious and she wrote an article on the hottest male Disney characters with Prince Eric being number 1…In short, I wish she was my friend!  But so far all the content on Hello Giggles I’ve looked at has been pretty funny.  If you have the time, and as I said, you’re gonna need it, go ahead an have a looksie.  I know it’s going to be a daily read for me!   

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