My Go-To Wedding Shower Games

I suppose it’s just the age I’m at, but it seems that suddenly everyone around me is getting hitched!  And while I love going to weddings and throwing showers, the overall expense of a summer filled with weddings can be a bit much.  So, here are a few easy DIY shower games that are fun thoughtful and inexpensive.

I always seem to be the bridesmaid who ends up organizing shower games.  Maybe it’s because of my competitive nature, or just that fact that all my friends know I have a library of Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine back-stocked, but in any case, my experience in such matters has led me to believe that  having at least 3 games at a shower makes for a fun and festive time.  You should also have at least one “back-up game” at the ready, in case the party needs livening up or you completed the first three games too quickly.  So here are my 4 favorites:

1.  Forbidden Corsage:  In this game every guest gets a corsage, made from inexpensive paper flowers and a simple elastic band.  You wear the corsage throughout the party and if you say certain words (usually things like bride, wedding, or the bride’s name) the person who hears you can steal your corsage.  The person with the most corsages at the end of the party wins!  To make the corsages I simply hot glued the elastic (measured from my wrist) glued the flower over the binding of the elastic and I added a small gem to the flower center to make them a bit fancier.

2.  Know the Groom Crossword:  Ask the groom questions that his fiancee should know, but may not (favorite color, favorite movie, etc) and build a crossword puzzle.  You can make your very own from this site.  Just enter in the questions and answers and it generates your own pdf.  This game is fun because you may find that the bride gets a lot of the answers wrong too! Serve with a pencil and Voila, fun! 

3.  Gift Bingo:  A classic and it gets everyone involved in the gift opening portion of the party which can be long and sometimes a bit boring.  This site allows you to generate your own Bingo Cards, using words you enter and you can re-shuffle to make as many cards as you like!

4.  What’s in Your Bag?:  This game is awesome because it requires very little prep and it tends to be a crowd-pleaser.  Simply come up with a list of both common and random things that women could have in their purses and assign points for each object (the more obscure, the more points.)  Give everyone paper and pencils and tell them to grab their bags.  Call out the items and the person with the most points (aka the weirdest stuff in their purse) wins!   

Hope this will help in planning your next shower, birthday, general celebration of your fabulousness or whatever shindig you may be saddled with hosting! 

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