Fun Facts about East Timor from The Boy!

I asked the boy if he’d be interested in contributing to my blog party and to my surprise he said yes! Here are his fun facts about East Timor for your reading pleasure! *

Did you know, that that East Timor is the furthest east country?

Did you know, there is no West Timor, and the farther west you travel, the more East Timor you get?

Did you know, that in East TImor, bats are considered immortal, which has made them very difficult to defeat in political elections?

Did you know, that when Michael Jackson came here to East Timor, he fixed everything and made it better?

Michael Jackson: known in East Timor as Oualanvika; ‘The one who kissed it and made it better’

Did you know, that East Timor has entered a bid to host the Olympic Games every year since 1980, and was offered to host the Olympics in 1996 but forgot to build any stadiums, so it went to America?

Did you know, all of the Wu-Tang Clan have summer homes in East Timor and Raekwon’s home was named ‘Lovely Home of the Month’ in February by East Timor Homes and Gardens Magazine? Also, his song Ice Cream, is the East Timor national song?

Did you know, that although East Timor has no newspapers, its Fish and Chips are best in the world?

Did you know, that in East Timor, rattlesnakes are turned into makeshift baseball bats by our eager children, using the resin and the varnish left around by Manny Ramirez, when he spends time in the country on his fishing expeditions?

Unlike in Americans, in East Timor it is very possible due to our magicians to play baseball alone

Did you know, the East Timor river Rib De Selsal was God’s basis when he designed the shape of the tapeworm?

Did you know, that buttresses was invented in East Timor because all of our walls kept on falling down?

Did you know, John Boehner was voted ‘Favorite Uncle’ in East Timor for four years in a row?

Did you know, that here in East Timor, humans have very big trouble knocking bats off the top of the pop charts because of their very special sonar voices?

Did you know, that when East Timor was made into country, the people wanted to call it ‘Pupplebucks’, but became disenfranchised by very violent militants?

Did you know, that in East Timor rattlesnakes are still alive and make more fun noise than American baseball bats?

Did you know, that last year Manny Ramirez caught fifteen fish and forgot to take a photograph of even just one of them?

Did you know, that bats have their own X Factor show in East Timor and have a mean pygmy shrew who tells them all that they are not good enough to clean his whiskers and makes them weep?

Did you know, in East Timor we are ashamed to say we have not yet discovered the meaning of life, putting us behind most other countries in that regard?

Did you know, Bruce Springsteen wrote an album called Born in East Timor entirely on the Qanbus Lute, but it was turned down by his label so he angrily recorded a stupid album called Nebraska on the guitar and blues harp instead?

*My thanks to my boy for sharing and just in case there is any confusion, none of these facts were sourced from wikipedia or national geographic!  😉   

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