Cash Box Restyle

Hi All!  Hope you’re enjoying my blog party!
With my work’s recent move, we had lots of items that were found amongst the clutter that eventually ended up being “trash, unless someone wants it,” and one of those items was a pristine, untouched cash box.  I took the box home, not completely sure what I wanted to use it for, but positive that I would find a use for it somewhere.  I mean, who doesn’t need another storage container of some kind, right?  Sure enough I found a new purpose for the simple cash box.  Here’s how I restyled a basic cashbox into a stylish and useful carrier for all my embroidery thread and supplies. 

I needed a way to organize and sort all my embroidery floss and find a way to keep it all in the same place.  Previously it had been stored tangled up in several sandwich sized Ziplock bags…Needless to say, something had to change.  
And change it did!  I used the top level dividers to divide and sort my embroidery thread by color, hold my large collection of buttons and include a pin cushion with embroidery needle.  Meanwhile, the bottom of the box proved to be the perfect place to stash all my multicolored elastics.  Now when I’m working on an embroidery project I can find everything I need in that one box!

Then to add a bit of flair to the box, I painted geometric shapes in patriotic acrylic paint colors and detailed my design with a sharpie.  I also added a fabric flower as well, for extra flair!  All in all, I now feel like I have a fun and functional storage space that I can use at home and take on the go!  

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