LA Love

Truth be told, there are a lot of amazing and interesting places all over Los Angeles, and I sometimes take them for granted.  I get stuck thinking about all the bad things here in LA, like the traffic, the superficiality of everything, the smog, etc.  And I forget that I am actually really lucky to live right in the heart of one of the most complex and interesting cities in the world!  
So with that in mind, here are two places I love to go to here in the City of Angels….

On Fairfax and Third street, nestled by the Grove and a myriad of cute boutiques and restaurants, the Farmers’ Market remains a staple of Los Angeles culture.  It’s been there since 1934, which is really a remarkable feat in a city that’s notorious for dismissing it’s history.   It’s filled with all kinds of independent shops, and food stands, and while cheesy at times, the market maintains a kind of charm that is totally unique to Los Angeles.  I recommend Bob’s Donuts and Little John’s Toffee Shop, yum! 

The West Hollywood bakery and soda shop is known for it’s delicious blondies and milkshakes (my favorite is the Triple Chocolate Shake) and it’s a perfect example of why I love Los Angeles.  It sounds simple and seems like the kind of place that you could find in any town, but Milk is really really extraordinarily yummy.  I feel both lucky and unlucky that it’s so close to my home—sometimes the temptation is not such a good thing!  But there’s no doubt, it’s a good thing about LA! 

3 thoughts on “LA Love

  1. I LOVE the Farmer's Market! I'm not too thrilled with the parking at The Grove, but I forget all about it while walking through and getting some great food 🙂

    I will have to check out Milk, I've heard about it, but haven't stopped by yet.


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