Weekends without Work

This past weekend was fantastic for many reasons, but one in particular:  It was the first one in a while when I didn’t have to work at all.  This weekend was all about me, and as selfish that may sound, I needed it.  
I naturally had a whole host of projects and things I wanted to do, but ended up doing more relaxing and less arts and crafting, which I think was a good thing.  I needed some R&R and I feel better about things now that I’ve taken some time to rest.  But that’s not to say I did nothing.  Here’s a little look at our weekend…

I got a new haircut and color (very snazzy, with a lot of blonde streaks!  I was feeling pretty adventurous.)  
I bought some fabulous paper and twine at a scrapbook shop–I think it was a fabulous find!  

I finished this yarn wreath.  It was my first attempt at making felt flowers and I think they turned out great!  

We visited the Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market and Art Show and we finished our Sunday night off with a yummy talapia dinner and some internet trolling for the perfect beach side apartment. 
*Note: We are not moving to the beach anytime soon, we like the Beverly Hills…Although on Thursday my bike was stolen and I’m still totally upset about it.  Even still, searching for a new place to live is just something I like to do for fun. 
How was your weekend? 

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