Simple Wedding Gift DIY~

It’s a marriage “tip jar.”  Hee hee, get it?  One of my bosses got married last week and as our offices’ official party planner (no that’s not in my job description, but it just kinda happened) I wanted to do something nice for him on behalf of the whole company.  But buying something off his registry wasn’t really an option, nor was a mid-day champagne toast (didn’t they do that on Mad Men?) So I came up with this simple crafty gift to make for him and it functioned as a good way to get everyone in the company involved.  And all at a very minimal cost!  

All you need is a large jar ( I used a tall mason jar) some ribbon, some basic brown-paper labels and a few wedding stickers/flair of your liking.  I used green paper (to resemble dollar bills) on which I typed up the tips (in a fun font of course)  and folded them up and placed them in the jar.

I had everyone in our company contribute little tips to help my boss in his new marriage.  There were some fabulous ones in the bunch including “Remember SHE’s always right,” and “Always put the toilet seat down!”  But in all seriousness, I think it turned out to be a very nice, easy-to-make and thoughtful gift.  The idea, of course, is that the newly weds can add their own tips to the jar and pass it on to someone else.  I hope they enjoy it, and it gives them a laugh!  


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