30 Days of Dresses DONE!!!!!

 HI There!  So I have completed my thirty days of dresses challenge, today being the last day. Whoo hoo!  And what have I learned?  I think I can answer that in three parts:
1.  I have a lot more than 30 dresses (eep!) And I still find myself gravitating to them when I shop.  
2.  Dresses are nice, but variety is nice too.  Sometimes all I wanted to do was kick back in a pair of jeans.  I did slip up one day in Portland and changed out of my dress into jeans.  I just couldn’t help it.  I was cold and it was windy and we were hiking…the lesson is that only being able to wear dresses is just kind of annoying.  I am really grateful for having the freedom to wear jeans, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, blouses, ties, vests, sweaters, trousers and dresses.  I pretty much took that freedom for granted before taking this challenge.  
3.  I definitely need to giveaway some of my dresses…the ones I didn’t get to within the 30 days may have to find a new home! 
And so here is the final round up of pictures, day 9 through 30.  Click the photos to enlarge.  Enjoy!  (Note:  there was one dress I swear I wore, but forgot to take a picture of till the next morning, so it’s just pictured without me in it.  Also, there was one picture I included twice cause the first one I used was pretty dark.  I didn’t count the dress twice however. ) 

One thought on “30 Days of Dresses DONE!!!!!

  1. What a great idea–I have a ton of dresses (though not nearly as many cute ones as you!) that I rarely wear because I gravitate towards jeans on a near-daily basis. Might have to give this a try…provided, of course, that I buy a couple new ones along the way…


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