Livin’ it up in Portland!

Just got back from a whirlwind 4 and a half day trip to Portland Oregon.  The boy and I decided that it was time to check out the Pacific Northwest City that we had heard so much about and visit my Aunt Jeanette at the same time!  Oh and that was all on my 29 before 29 list!  Everybody wins!  
In all seriousness, it was a fabulous trip and Portland certainly is a happening city just as we expected.  We saw a bit of nature (all those waterfalls and Twilight-esque forests) and walked around the downtown area quite a bit.  We sampled some fabulous Portland based breweries, ate a lot of yummy foods, and made a special trip to Astoria–the home of the Goonies!  (That was the location of the pictures from the previous post!)  We even managed to fit in some thrift shopping too!  The shops in Portland were amazing, and so well priced compared to vintage stores in LA.  I found two awesome dresses, some authentic Vera scarves and even a new porcelain fox!  All in all, it was an extremely successful outing!  It helps that my Aunt Jeanette not only knows the best places to shop, but she also has a gift for spotting the best finds in a huge room of clutter.  Truly a talented woman! 
I took so many photos and we did so much, that I can’t really share it all with you in one post, but this is just a sampling.  It’s crazy to come back to work in the middle of the week and attempt to catch up on everything in just three days.  So the apartment is going to be a mess for a while, and I am not going to finish any projects this week, but I’m thinking that’s ok.  
Jeanette and me at the Japanese Garden
Sloth and me
Deschutes Brewery

Me and the Portland sign (and yes I am wearing jeans.)
Cannon Beach

It was sad to leave Portland and return to “normal life,”  but as the boy and I walked around Beverly Hills last night in flip flops, taking in the warmth and the palm trees, I did feel especially happy to be home.  Sometimes you need to leave Los Angeles to realize you do actually kind of like it….for now.  

Have any of you visited Portland?  Love to know if you have any favorite places in the city! 

One thought on “Livin’ it up in Portland!

  1. I thought it was the Goonies! But I was too late!!
    Well you know my 2 fav places. Henrys and the Columbia river gorge. Two great places!! Glad you enjoyed your trip! Time to plan the next one!


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