There’s always time for Art Journaling!

This is something about me that I can’t seem to help:  I tend to overbook myself.  Like all the time.
I like so many things and I want to do so many things that I am constantly signing up for my classes, more projects, extra work and all kinds of activities.  It’s often left me wishing I had a clone on call to help me finish all my many projects.  But this is the thing, the projects I’m referring to are all things I chose to do for the FUN of it!  So why then do I let it worry and consume me if I am not getting these FUN projects done?  Right.  I know.  I’m a bit nuts.  
Anyway,  here’s a peek at a project I am finally working on again (started it over a year ago and I am about halfway done.)  It’s Elsie’s and Rachel’s  “Tell Your Story” Art Journal class– this is my journal.    I really like working on it and I am making a serious effort to stay on task, go through and finish it using their prompts and examples before taking on anything new.  Let’s see how long I last!  😉 

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