30 Days of Dresses- Continues….

That’s right, got myself through another couple weeks of dresses!  I actually need to post all the pictures still, from the last two weeks, but what can I say?  I’ve fallen behind! (See previous post!)  But I wanted to post about it anyway (just so you know I am still doing this!)

Now I am starting to get annoyed by always having to wear a dress.  Yep, I admit it.  Sometimes dresses are not the best form of clothing and these past couple of weeks, there have been several times when I found myself looking at my jeans longingly!  I suppose I picked a doozy of a month to take this challenge.  I’ve been having lots of events at work that require me to be moving, packing and carrying heavy items–I should be dressing in dungarees, not floaty dresses.  And Disneyland is not the place to wear a dress (getting in and out of those rides was a lot harder than you’d think. ) And the other night at the Dodger game, I just felt silly in a dress.  Dresses and Dodgers don’t really mix, ya know?  Anyway, with the way things are looking, I’ll have to wait to post pictures of all the dresses till next week, so I have decided to give you a recap at the very end…it’ll be a lot of dresses! Get excited!

One thought on “30 Days of Dresses- Continues….

  1. Oooh I couldn't imagine! I'm very picky about dresses and only own 10 (1/2 of them are cocktail dresses). Someday I will take this challenge though. I love dresses, so one day when I have enough I will! Until then I may do a post on all the fancy or otherwise dresses I've worn and for what occasions.


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