Ode to the Instagram!

I’m sure you have noticed that I am a bit Instagram-crazy lately and that is simply because I think it is the hands-down best iphone app ever, and I’ll go ahead and tell you why.  
Instagram is the perfect way to share all the daily little moments that crop up unexpectedly and do so in style.  It’s fast, easy to use and you can pick which social networking outlets you want to share to with just a few quick finger swipes.  And if that weren’t enough, all the fabulous filters allow users to give their snaps some flair and artistry. The filters and the styles help to create a feeling, and an aesthetic to the photos that adds to the experience of sharing the world as you see it.  And I think that’s the whole point right?  It takes the whole idea of sharing what you are experiencing in the moment to a new level. 
Also, with the right filter, a basic, boring picture can become a really cool piece of photography.  So that’s just another bonus.  It’s like the easiest way to spice up a photo and give it some fancy flair–no photo editing equipment required!  Some of my favorite photos lately have been via Instagram, and I’m sure there are a lot of other users out there that feel the same way.  So,  the bottom line?  I love the Instagram app and I don’t know, maybe I should marry it! 😉

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