Dodger Stadium!

The boy’s birthday was lovely.  He pretty much took it easy for most of the day and finished making this fantastic amazing little western we shot when Anna and Manisha were visiting.  I wish I could share it with you, but he won’t let me.  : (  But let me just say, the boy is really good at making really funny videos out of the most basic footage (this one was just shot on my iphone) so hopefully we’ll make more that I can share with you.  While he was doing that, I was working at the dance store making these:

I then came home and we walked to Pinkberry for a bit of deliciousness.

After which we came back and he opened all his presents and cards.  He was very pleased with everything (although the sunglasses I got him were a bit too small for his face!)  But my big gift to him was…..
Dodger Tickets!!!!
We went last night and watched the St. Louis Cardinals totally kick the LA Dodgers’ butts.  But we did it to the sounds of Nancy Bea, with Dodger Dogs and beers and all in all it was pretty perfect.  The climate here also seems to have decided to just skip spring and go right into 90 degree summer weather, so it felt like a beautiful summer night!  

I love the boy so much.  And even though we lost, I love going to Dodger games…Now I kinda wish I had gotten us season tickets! 

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