Lisa Loeb Glasses

Alright, further proof that the 1990’s really did influence me more than I ever could have realized, I must now confess: I am a “Loeb Trotter.”  That is to say, I’m a Lisa Loeb fan, and have bee since she walked in and out of camera frame in the Stay video.  Again I welcome your criticism, but I am not ashamed to admit it.  I have always liked the sound of her voice, her style and her guitar strumming.  
I think I may have already blogged about my sheer exuberance upon learning that Miss Loeb had launched a line of eye wear, but I can’t remember and regardless I think it’s worth mentioning again.  I am absolutely gaga over some of these frames and am wishing so much that I may be able to snag a pair someday before I’m 30.  

I actually do wear glasses.  I absolutely have to when I drive and should probably wear them all the time, but I don’t…I suppose simply because I am not used to having them on my face.  But I can tell that my vision has gotten worse over the past couple years.  I am overdue to see my eye doc and wouldn’t it be grand if the next time I went in for a check up I could ask my prescription lenses to be put into my brand new darling Lisa Loeb frames? 
The boy has told me that expensive glasses are not on the priorities list right now (and as usual he’s right) but I think there’s no harm in at least looking and imagining what like would look like through Lisa Loeb glasses!

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