30 Days of Dresses

It has recently been brought to my attention that I own a LOT of dresses.  And I always seem to want to buy more dresses, and why not?  They are feminine, pretty, flattering and easy–it’s a complete outfit all in one, pull it off the hanger and you’re ready to go!  I like dresses.  
So as a way to take a look at my complete dress collection (and maybe make some decisions about which ones I may want to donate and which ones I have potentially forgotten about altogether) I am setting myself a simple little challenge~

For the next 30 days I will be wearing only dresses.  No skirts, no shorts, no jeans or blouses–just dresses.  AND I can’t ever wear the same dress twice.  30 days of different dresses.  That’s the plan.  I should also mentioned that I haven’t actually even checked to see if I have 30 dresses, which makes the whole thing even more exciting!  

So for the month of April keep checking back as once a week I’ll post the dresses from the previous 7 days.  I just hope the weather holds out too…Fingers crossed! Time to get dressy!

Day One:

A flirty, basic little number from Target (shoes as well.)  Wish me luck! 

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Dresses

  1. yay! Jamie if you do this send me links I want to see! And thank you, but trust me, not all my dresses are that cute…I'm afraid by the end of the month I'll be down to some really strange/unflattering dresses that I've been keeping for god knows why! Oh I hope you do the challenge too! Fun!


  2. Wow what a cool idea! I only own like 2 skirts and 0 dresses though so it totally wouldn't work for me. Lol. Wish I had that many though! I'll have to start buying some, I guess. 😉


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