redefining style

It comes with the spring.  The urge to clean up, start fresh and reorganize!  I have already gotten a jump on cleaning the apartment, but this time of year always makes me want to freshen up my own “look” too.  Anyone will tell you that I am an avid shopper.  I tend to buy a few prize pieces for my wardrobe from places like Anthropologie and the rest I leave up to whatever’s cheap, cheerful and takes my fancy  (aka: forever 21.)  But I’ve been thinking that maybe this spring I want to try to add some sophistication to my wardrobe with a few nice and unique accessories. 
I’ve often said that I want to glam up my style, add some more “adult” pieces to the mix, but that never really works out for me…I keep going back to the same style of peter pan collars, lace and bows–that’s just me.  So why fight it?  
I’m thinking that this spring I will change up my look with a few highlights, some unusual but sweet jewelry and all my old clothes.  After all, just because it’s Spring doesn’t mean it all has to be new, right?   Right!!!???!!!
Here are some items that I am currently lusting after….

All from Shabby Apple….they have an amazing and large collection right now!

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