Fringe Factor

Every time I see someone pulling off some super cute Marianne Faithful bangs I want to cut some of my own.  And often times, I do.  But I have never been very confident that I look all that good with fringe.  Maybe the side-swept kind— I can pull that off, but who can’t?  I keep hoping I’ll find a way to make it flattering, but I always seem to end up disappointed. 

My most recent fling with fringe made me certain…it’s just not right for me and my face, but it was fun while it lasted.  Although, the boy informed me the other night that he’s so glad my bangs have grown out because he HATED them.  Literally he said the word hate and I could really feel the hatred in his sentiment.  I was so surprised by his passion on the subject that it got me to thinking about fringe, faces and the haircuts we endure and try because they’re simply “in style.”  The 1980’s are the perfect example of this in mass, as was the “Rachel” haircut circa early-mid 90’s.  

I’ve pretty much had the same hair-do all my life, but there have been some bad ones amidst the norm.  Particularly the early ones!  But what it is about bangs?  Why do they look so good on some and so bad on others?  What is the mystery in the fringe?  I clearly have too much time to thing about things like this!  Have you had any bad haircuts?  I’d love to see if you’d love to share!

One thought on “Fringe Factor

  1. I personally think the fringe fits you really nicely but I get what you are saying about certain styles just not fitting you personally. I tried to rock the middle parting yesterday since that is the “it” thing right now and my mom was like, “uh, you need to fix your hair.” hahahahaha


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