Buster Keaton and Silent Films

The General
The first Buster Keaton film I ever saw was with the Boy at UCLA.  It was The General and I thought it was marvelous.  Last night we watched another fantastic Buster Keaton film, College and it reminded me how much I enjoy watching silent films.  Those actors could say so much with just a look or a gesture.  I suppose they are a lot like dancers in that way, and maybe that’s why I find those old films so fascinating.

Modern Times
The Big Parade
Sunrise (this is probably my favorite silent film ever!)
I know lots of people don’t really have any interest in the early silent pictures mainly just because they figure they’re old and therefore they must lack modern relevance, but that’s simply not true.  Everything from the storylines, to the stunts, to the photography and the acting are simply superb in all the silent classics I’ve seen.  College is available on Netflix as an Instant Watch movie as is The General, but other silent gems that I’d recommend are Sunrise, City Girl, The Big Parade, The Kid and Modern Times.  It’s sort of amazing how they are all still totally relevant and meaningful.  They are certainly among my personal favorites, and knowing that the boy likes them too, well that just makes me like him even more!  😉

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