Spring in Action

Last night I got some of my energy back.  I had a plan and I pretty much stuck to it.  I got started on some very much needed spring sprucing.  I took down any remaining Valentine’s Day and winter decor and replaced it with flowers and bunnies and happy Spring things.
Removed things like this…by eating mostly!

Replaced with things like this

And this
and that
In case you couldn’t tell, I am looking forward to the spring season.  It’s such a nice time to start fresh.  And with the weather warming up and the days lasting longer, what’s not to love?  Additionally, so much of my wardrobe is Spring/Summer clothes and I am just itching to spend my days in sundresses and sandals!  
Starting fresh and invigorating my daily life with a bit more sunshine and some new looks for both me and the apartment are a few of my goals for the season.  I already started to make some changes to the furniture layout in our bedroom, but I am still thinking of ways to make it even better– Ways to use the space more efficiently.  It’s tricky when you live in such a small space; you have to be really creative in what you do with it and what you put in it.  But it’s a challenge I’m ready to take on, so here I go! 

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