Irish Eyes

I wish that my trip to Ireland had been all smiles and sunshine and all just for fun.  But even though it wasn’t a holiday, it was still a chance for me to see the Emerald Isle and a portion of my family and ancestry.  I had always wanted to go…I just wish I hadn’t waited so long!  I was so taken with the place and the customs that I felt I had to share just a bit of them with you.  

As I said before, I don’t feel like blogging all the details of my trip.  But suffice to say, I spent a week in Northern Ireland and took in some of the sights in both the city of Armagh and the countryside just outside it.  It was really beautiful and so different from the country side out here in California.  During my time there I met some incredible people; the Irish are some of the friendliest and most interesting people I have ever met.  And I also listened to a lot of Irish music. 

I also went to the Cathedral in Armagh–so gorgeous– as well as an Irish wake, a funeral, a lovely reception and a few Irish cemeteries.  

I’m still processing everything that happened and all the things I saw and heard, but I have been able to come to one conclusion:  Ireland was one of the most beautiful, magical and memorable places I’ve ever seen and I hope to go back one day. 

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